• TPE/TPR for PP over molding

    Toothbrush, screwdriver & tools handle, tableware cook handle, the suitcase handle and other independent injection molding TPE products .

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  • TPE/TPR for ABS over molding

    Toothbrush, FDA level lunch box , all kinds of ABS based handles of hand or power tools,household appliances overmoulding products.

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  • High-transparent TPR

    Adult toys, pet toys, the cap, transparent cap ,water polo and other high transparent injection products.

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  • Transparent TPE

    Adult toys, pet toys, the cap, transparent and semi-transparent lunchbox sealants & overmolding part

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  • Printable TPE/TPR

    Children toys, screwdriver handles & bits shelf ,other printing TPE/TPR products.

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  • Tailor made TPE/TPR

    Special kinds of wires and cables in automobile application , medical films and tubes , baby nuks, and all kinds of TPE materials.

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Mixem New Material Co.,Ltd has been committed to development,production and sales of TPR/TPR material for more than 13 years. As a pioneer of expertised TPE/TPR supplier, Mixem people adhere to “technology as rudder, service as oar” ,insist on to offer tailor-made TPE/TPR material for the market segments with mature technical guidance and follow-up service. Insist on innovation........

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